Wedding Dance Styles

What style of dance should I do for my Wedding?

Have you decided on the dance you are going to perform for your first dance? Basically your choice may be determined by the style of ballroom or partner dancing you prefer or maybe even the style of music you like.

Do you like the classic romance of a waltz, or do you enjoy the more expressive Latin moves? If you prefer Latin dance moves you may like a slow and sexy rumba made so popular on Dancing with the Stars. If you prefer more relaxed dance moves the versatile slow rhythm dance is for you.

Ultimately, we suggest you sit back and enjoy watching the stunning demonstration dances on the Learn Your Wedding Dance DVD and make your choice from there. (Go to Special Features and select Demonstration Dances without Commentary.)


Some Music Basics

If you are still having trouble choosing which dance to learn, you may want to consider your wedding song first and work backwards from there. You will find some great pointers on how to interpret your chosen song on the Learn Your Wedding Dance DVD. Basically, the Rumba is best suited to slow love ballads in 4/4 timing. The waltz is best danced to relatively slow 3/4 songs. With the Slow Rhythm dance being the most versatile of all as you may dance it to both 4/4 or 3/4 music.

Read on for more detail on each of the three dances taught on the Learn Your Wedding Dance DVD.


The Rumba is also known as the “dance of love” and is the simplest of the Latin rhythm dances to learn. The slow and sensuous Rumba is the dance from which most other Latin rhythm dances were derived. The slow, heavy rhythm of the Rumba is perfect for a lady to seduce and tease her man, but deny him when he gets too close!

The Rumba is sometimes known as the “Latin Waltz” or the “Waltz with a wiggle”. The Rumba is a “spot dance” in that it does not travel around the dance floor but is performed in the one spot on the dance floor. The Rumba is characterized by a sexy hip motion, turns, breaks and rolls.

The best Rumba music is slow, with a heavy rhythm and a sexy or romantic feel. The Rumba feels great to dance because the timed dance steps fit evenly into 4 beats of music. A full Rumba basic step takes 2 bars of music. It is sometimes helpful to count 1234 5678 while you are dancing the rumba.

The great rhythms and sexy movements make the Rumba one of the most popular wedding dances . The Rumba is also lots of fun to learn.


The Rumba routine presented in Learn Your Wedding Dance is a complete choreographed routine which has been tried and tested for ease of learning and audience enjoyment. You are encouraged to perform the steps in the order as presented with maximum use of sexy hip movements throughout! The routine is designed to be performed twice – once with the bride facing the audience and the second time with the groom facing the audience. This will ensure maximum enjoyment for all.


You don’t hear many popular songs written in ¾ timing these days however, the waltz is THE traditional choice for many first wedding dances and is an beautiful, elegant and romantic dance. Once you are familiar with the basic waltz step, dancing the Waltz gives you a wonderful feeling of sweeping and swaying across the dance floor with grace and poise.


The Waltz routine presented on the DVD consists of 5 steps performed in a beautiful choreographed routine. The routine may be performed as many times as you like however we suggest only 2 or 3 times so you leave your family and friends wanting more. The waltz has some beautiful steps that show off the grooms strength and the brides grace and beauty perfectly.

Slow Rhythm Dance

Many couples prefer a romantic slow song for their wedding dance. The Slow Rhythm Dance is the most versatile dance as you can dance to both slow 4/4 and 3/4 music.

Of all the dance styles, the Slow Rhythm Dance is one of the simplest partner dances. Most importantly, the slow dance is quick and easy to learn and even if you have four left feet with practice you will easily look good on your special day!


The Slow Rhythm Dance Mike teaches on the DVD consists of 5 steps which you can perform in any order any number of times. To create your own special wedding dance routine use these steps in any order with basic steps in between each of the other dance steps. You can make this routine as simple or as dramatic and flashy as you like by performing only those steps you feel comfortable with.