Free Wedding Dance Survival Tips

You take your first step onto the dance floor – your friends and family are smiling and watching and the video camera is rolling, will you: a) perform a graceful and confident routine with a dramatic ending to the surprise and delight of your guests; or b) sway and bump into each other in the middle of the floor and wish the lights were off so your friends couldn’t see how uncool you look?

Make sure your family and friends are cheering for more after your wedding dance by following these wedding dance survival tips.

Select your wedding dance song carefully

You will of course want to pick a song that has meaning for you and your fiancée, however, there are other things to take into consideration if you are selecting music that you will dance to. The most important are: the beat, the tempo (or speed) and the meter (eg ¾ or 4/4). Questions you should ask yourself are: Does the song have a strong beat I can dance to? Does it have the correct beat for my dance (ie ¾ or 4/4)? And finally, is it the correct speed for my dance? For example, you can’t dance a slow sexy rumba to music that is too fast as all the meaning of the dance will be lost.

Plan a beginning and an ending for your dance

Remember you are putting on a performance, so nothing should be left to chance. Having the beginning and end planned will make you much more confident while the spotlight is on you. Questions to ask yourself: Will we enter on each other’s arm? Will we walk on before or after the music starts?  Will I end with a dramatic pose for the cameras?  If you are not sure how to handle this, have your dance teacher choreograph something for you or use a wedding dance DVD that gives you a number of dance beginning and endings to choose from.

Keep your Dance Short and Sweet

Don’t feel like you have to dance for a whole song. Dance for only about 2 minutes and then perform your ending move. Make sure you instruct your DJ to fade out the music as you end your dance. This way you will leave your audience wanting more.

Learn a set Routine and Practice It

Performing a choreographed wedding dance is a new skill. Even if you can already dance a little, you will need to make sure you allow yourself enough time to feel confident with your dance steps. Most couples getting ready for a wedding dance will need to allow several weeks to learn and then practice the steps for their dance.

If you are learning a routine from a professional dance studio you will need 3-24 lessons usually a week apart. The time in between lessons should be spent practicing as much as you can as the lessons can be expensive and you don’t want to waste your time and money. An alternative, is to use an instructional wedding dance DVD. Again, you should allow yourself enough time to learn your routine and then practice it enough so you are bursting with confidence. A third option would be to combine the two. Learn a complete choreographed routine from an instructional DVD and then book a lesson or two to polish up the rough spots. Lots cheaper and lots more fun learning at your own pace in the privacy of your own home!

Practice with Props

Dancing is one thing and dancing in high heels with a floor length dress while wearing a tiara is another! Girls, you should try to practice dancing in your wedding shoes and a long skirt or petticoat so you become familiar with dancing in high heels with a long skirt in the way. Ideally, your shoes should have a covered in heel so you can’t slip out of your shoes and end up on ‘ Australia’s funniest home videos’. It is also a good idea for guys to practice dancing in their wedding shoes and their jacket.

Talk to your DJ and photographer and videographer

Make sure your DJ, photographer ad videographer know that you are planning a special performance so they don’t miss it. Photographers and videographers are used to couples swaying in the middle of the floor so if you plan more than this, make sure they know so they can catch all the important highlights of your dance. It is also very important that your DJ knows exactly how you will start and finish your dance so they can cue the music accordingly.  If you have had a special CD prepared, it’s a good idea to bring along more than one copy. Ask the DJ to try your CD on his CD player prior to the wedding to make sure it plays OK.

Smile and hold your heads high

Putting on a show is all about confidence! Smile and look like you are having fun with each other and you will have won your audience even before you start. With a great smile and a confident routine you will be guaranteed a cheering crowd every time.

Have fun together

Learning something new can be stressful, especially with all the other pressures you may be feeling as you plan your wedding. Make sure you approach your dance lessons with a supportive, light hearted attitude. Have fun together, and make it a special activity you look forward to. Most importantly, it doesn’t need to cost the earth when you can learn a complete routine from a DVD like Learn your Wedding Dance DVD for just $29.95. ORDER HERE

Why not surprise your family and friends with a stunning choreographed routine learnt in secret? No matter what you do, with a bit of effort and planning, your wedding dance will be a beautiful expression of your love, and a moment you will cherish forever.


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